Tuesday, February 20, 2007


A guy stood across from me.

A guy stood across from me with his hands shoved in his sweater pockets. “G-Unit” the sweater said, in large white capitals. A cap sat back on his head, popped to the side. He was white.

He read the sign we had taped to the dull pine of the bar and then pulled out a few ones. He asked for a mojito in thick local tongue.

"Sure thing." I said. I grabbed some ice and banged it into a cup, following it with a spoon of sugar. I reached down behind the bar for some mint.

“Yo man, I like that sweater. Where you buy that thing?” I had come back up with a few stalks and was ripping the leaves from the stalks into the cup.

“Aw yea man, its fly right? Burlington coat factory. 35 bucks man. Yo you buy that shit at macy’s or something, 80, 90 bucks. But at the coat factory man, 35 bucks.” With the end of a spoon I stabbed at the cubes, grinding them into the mint.

“Damn. Where is that?” The rum poured clear into the plastic cup.

“Aw, theres one over in E.P. One in Cranston too.” Lime juice turned the cup bright green and the club soda filled it, dulling the green to something clear and watery.

“For sure. I’ll have to get myself over there.” I threw a lime wedge into the drink and gave it to him. I stuck his bills into a small pot hidden behind the bar.


mat said...

I hereby invite the world, i.e. you all, to add to/complete/continue/embellish this story. This is a lil' experiment....I just thought it'd be fun.....So anything goes.

Unless someone has a better idea as to how to do this logistically, post your addition as a comment, and then I can add it to the main blog.....Once in a life-time opportunity! First come, first serve!

L said...

i'm glad you're doing this Matt. just a small suggestion. what if we just make a new post with PART 2 as the title, PART 3, etc.? either way's grand.