Saturday, December 2, 2006

To Ms. M--

the prelude of broken sidewalks
wrought-iron fences
private property

dodging glances to the shopping district—
the glass façade of the pizza parlor

where patrons
on barstools

stare at pedestrians
who pass the restaurant

towards evening,
the features NOW SHOWING

glow from spots below
the neon of the Avon marquee—

pink, blue, white
under which you stood

the University Orchestra was pleased to present its new Steinway Grand Piano for its Grand Fête on Friday night in Sayles Hall during its rendition of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 in E flat major, op. 73—

her face all a harmony
in black, gold, cherry—
the pronounced cheekbones

of the violin
with its delicate neck
all dressed-up

in black, a black suit
with polished brass flaring

the night silent for all measures
across which peels the trumpet—

the night between immediacy and


foreign films with


adagio un poco mosso—
after the show was over

you walled yourself in your coat
I walked home alone

trying to recall anything
from practicing piano

for years and years
in the Japanese school.


P said...

Had some formatting difficulties--for instance, it won't allow me to insert tabs where I want...thoughts?

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maybe just add some spaces...?

P said...

tried spaces but it wouldn't include them at the beginning of a line (only b/w words), nor would it allow object replacement characters or anything that didn't create a visible symbol. I guess I could use the ol' underscore trick, it just looks cheap.